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Aviation Insurance

We offer a comprehensive range of coverage options to our clients for both personal and corporate aircraft, as well as general liability for ground operations.

Aviation insurance’s territorial scope includes the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, namely: State of Qatar, UAE, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Kuwait (excluding the sanctioned areas).

Presently, the following classes of aviation insurances are offered:

• Hull & Spares All Risks and Liabilities
• Hull & Spares War Risks Cover
• Hull Deductible Insurance
• Loss of License
• Loss of Use
• Group Personal Accident
• Airport Owners/ Operators/ Hangar-keepers Liability
• Refueling/Products Liability
• Repairers/Maintenance/Products Liability

To get a quote or for more details, please contact our team at 44050555.