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Motor Vehicle Insurance



What kind of motor insurance do you need?

We offer two types of motor insurance, each with varying levels of protection, and it is important to recognize the inherent differences in the two insurance policies available.


The first type, which is the minimum standard mandated by Qatar’s traffic law, is Third-Party Motor Insurance (TPL). This insurance meets the minimum standards, but has several missing elements that could prove costly, such as the fact that it offers no coverage for damage to your own vehicle.

Why opt for a Third-Party Motor Insurance (TPL)?

Our Third-Party Motor Insurance offers clients a way to meet the minimum required standards of motor insurance in the State of Qatar.

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The second type, and a highly-preferred and recommended motor insurance product is our Comprehensive Motor Insurance. The benefits of Comprehensive Motor Insurance include the minimum standards, as well as full-coverage of your car. With Comprehensive Motor Insurance in Qatar, you can now have your Peace of Mind knowing that your vehicle and its passengers are completely covered on Qatar’s roads.

Why do we recommend Comprehensive Motor Insurance?

Our Comprehensive Motor Insurance package offers our clients more security than the basic Third-Party Motor Insurance (TPL), as well as a selection of 7 additional Beema services that clients are eligible to choose from.

i. QUICK QUOTE (free): Get a quote fast with our courteous staff by phone or online

ii. DOORSTEP SERVICE (free): With Beema’s Motor Comprehensive Insurance you can lodge a claim, in case of a car accident, without even stepping foot outside your home or office. Our professional team comes to your doorstep to handle your full insurance policy & payment, anywhere in Qatar at no additional cost.

iii. PEACE OF MIND (free): After getting the traffic accident report, you just need to call Beema and our representative will verify the eligibility of the repair (whether to be repaired in the dealer or workshop) and accordingly arrange an appointment with the respective dealer or workshop. Once the dealer or workshop confirms the date, Beema’s representative would arrange to collect the vehicle from your place prior to the scheduled date. Once the repair is completed, you will be notified and all you then need to do is to go and collect the vehicle from the dealer or the workshop.

AGENCY REPAIR (additional costs apply): During the very first year of the vehicle registration, Beema will repair your vehicle at your dealership’s workshop. However, if you wish to continue to get your vehicle repaired by the dealership workshop, you can purchase this optional cover for an additional fee.

iv. REGISTRATION CARD RENEWAL SERVICE (additional costs apply):Our team will arrange to pick-up and return your vehicle to complete required vehicle inspections and procedures with the traffic department. This service is available for a nominal fee + the cost of your vehicle registration.

v. RENTAL CAR COVERAGE (additional costs apply):This is an optional benefit that helps ensure uninterrupted transportation while your own car is being repaired up to a maximum of QAR 150/day for up to 14 days. This service is available for a nominal fee plus the cost of your vehicle registration (maximum cash payment of QR150 per day only).

vi. GET A SURPLUS DISTRIBUTION (additional costs apply): Get a surplus distribution in the form of cash or cheque touse however you like or to apply towards future policy coverage if you don’t file a claim during the insured period. Last year, we gave 7% back to our valued customers!

Follow these 4 simple steps to buy Beema’s Motor Insurance policies:

Insuring your vehicle has never been easier!

Follow these steps and you’ll be covered in no time, and at affordable rates:

  1. Purchase your vehicle.
  2. Call Beema at 4405 0555(7AM-7PM, Sun-Thu).
  3. You may also purchase your insurance online at or visit our branches.
  4. Beem it and take a spin in confidence – we’ve got you covered!



To get a quote or for more details, please contact our team at 44050555.