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Gather the Facts

Some insurance claims are simple; some have quite a few moving pieces. Beema helps keep it all organized for you.

Review Your Coverage:

Before anything else, we will take a look at the parts of your policy that relate to your claim. We’ll also answer your questions about what damages are covered and what deductibles you’ll have to pay, if any. With that information, you can decide how to move forward.

What Type of Insurance Claim?

Beema has different departments that specialize in specific kinds of insurance claims. So you can rest easy knowing that it’ll be handled by professionals who know the kind of claim you’re filing inside and out.

Schedule an Estimate

If your car was damaged, you’ll need to get an estimate on the damage. Depending on the circumstances, we can schedule a claim adjuster to go to the location of your vehicle or upon your request we can provide the names of local repair shops.

To help you get on with your day, scheduling a drive-in appointment will allow one of our technically qualified adjusters to complete a physical inspection of the damage to your vehicle.
Once you have the estimate, you can talk with your claims team about your repair options.

What if I Still Have Damages wasn’t appearing after My Vehicle is repaired?

It’s possible that the accident left your vehicle with damage that wasn’t apparent at the time of the estimate. If additional damage from the accident is discovered after the initial estimate, don’t worry.

A member of the claims team will work with your repair shop to confirm the additional damage. If they confirm the damage is related to the accident, we’ll work with the shop to reach an agreement on the additional repairs.

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