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Group Medical Insurance

To effectively widen medical coverage and help corporations meet the challenges of their respective industries head-on across the globe, Beema offers three varieties of medical insurance. These plans carefully cover selected groupings of countries:


Beema provides Comprehensive In-Patient & Day-Care benefits. Some benefits include:

• Hospital accommodation
• Accidents and emergencies

• Intensive care & theater costs
• Surgical operations & procedures

• Second medical opinion
• Surgeons

• Anesthetists & physicians fees
• Prescribed medicine & drugs

• Casts
• Splints

• Trusses
• Splints

• Braces and crutches

• Diagnostic tests
• Oncology treatment

• Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy
• Ophthalmology

• Acute (reversible) kidney failure
•Prostheses and surgical appliances (Artificial body parts surgically implanted to form parts of an insured’s body)


Beema provides Comprehensive Out-Patient Benefits. Some of the benefits includes:

• Diagnostic tests
• Specialists

• Consultants
• General medical practitioner and family physician fees

• Out-Patient home visits for emergency conditions
• Oncology

• Prescribed medicines and dressings
• Psychiatric Treatment

• Outpatient surgical procedures
• Aging illness (e.g. Parkinson) 

•Emergency ambulance (to and/ or from point of treatment)  
• Physiotherapy (to and/ or from point of treatment)


Other benefits include:

• Chronic & Pre-existing conditions
• Emergency local ambulance

• Organ transplant
• Nursing at home

• Compassionate emergency home visit
• Hospital cash benefits

• Repatriation
• Burial or cremation of mortal remains

• Emergency medical evacuation


Optional benefits:

• Routine dental care benefits
• Maternity care benefits

• Optical benefits
• Wellness benefits

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