Peace of Mind


Our Principles

Co-operative Insurance (Takaful)

Islamic insurance is based on the principles of cooperation and mutuality.

As governed by the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Company conducts its operation on the basis of co-operative insurance in accordance with Sharia’ Rules and Principles.

Wakala Fee

The Company operates on behalf of the Policyholders as an Agent in managing the Policyholders’ Account in return of an annual Fee to be fixed and approved by the Sharia’ Supervisory Board (Current Wakala fee percentage is 20% of Takaful contributions after excluding the re-insured policies with a percentage more than 80%) and the company invests the Policyholders’ fund as Mudarib in return of a percentage of the profits of these investments to be fixed annually by the Sharia’s Supervisory Board and all the management expenses to be borne by the Company (current Mudarib share of policyholder’s investments profits is 40% of the net profit).

Accounts Separation and Insurance Operations Surplus

The Company maintains a distinct and separate account for its Policyholders’ Account. This account is credited by the contributions paid by the Policyholders and returns of their investments and debited by claims, reinsurance contributions, the necessary provisions and reserves and the Wakala Fee. The surplus arrived at (if any) will be distributed in all or partially to the Policyholders in proportion of the contribution paid by them in the manner decided by the Board of Directors and approved by the Sharia’ Supervisory Board.

Liquidation of the Company

In case of the Liquidation of the Company, all the funds accumulated in the Policyholders’ Account will be distributed to Charities under the Sharia’ Supervisory Board supervision.


To become the leading innovative Islamic insurance company committed to the highest standards of Sharia’ principles.


Be a provider of innovative Sharia-compliant insurance solutions. Strive to adopt the best business practices that adhere to the highest ethical standards. Aim to be a trusted partner offering value added insurance products to customers and opportunities to shareholders.

Build a spirit of teamwork in a professional business environment and be a responsible Qatari corporate citizen by contributing to social causes!



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