Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is the insurance coverage of aircraft, their operation, and the various kinds of risks involved in aviation. Aviation insurance policies and their clauses are different from other transportation insurance policies in terms of insurance classes and the related specified terminology. Keep in mind that the terms aircraft insurance and aviation insurance may be used interchangeably.


What Does Aviation Insurance Mean?

An aviation or aircraft insurance policy provides property and liability coverage for aircraft. Losses incurred by aviation risks involving the use and maintenance of aircraft and unforeseen losses are covered. Both the owners of aircraft and their operators are protected by aircraft insurance companies

What should you do before buying aircraft insurance?

Understanding Aviation Insurance Policy

Aircraft insurance companies have different philosophies in handling approach claims. You have to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the aviation insurance policy and how it conforms with International Air Law.

Know The Right Value Of Your Aircraft

Paying an “agreed value” that is less than the true value of your aircraft may appear tempting. It will help you save on the airplane insurance cost. However, low aviation insurance may force your aircraft to be declared a total loss even if repairable. A higher value, on the other hand, may leave you feeling ripped off.

Ask if you need aviation liability insurance

Not all aircraft insurance policies cover liability. Aviation liability insurance covers injury, death, or property damage due to aircraft accidents. You may not be legally required to get aviation liability insurance in your area, but you’re advised to invest in one.

Have An Idea About Airplane Insurance Cost

Airline companies, as well as aircraft owners, need to get the necessary property and liability coverage. Some aircraft insurance companies exclude pilots from coverage. In this case, pilots should take care of their aviation liability insurance separately.

What is a customizable group life insurance policy?

As we know, not every person has the same plans, and not every employee has the same needs. Some have larger families, while others are in high-risk jobs. This is why a personalized life insurance policy for corporates provides the flexibility both employers and employees seek.

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Aircrafts Covered Under Aviation Insurance.


Private Aircrafts

This type of aircraft includes business jets, private jets, or jets made for transporting small groups of people. Private aircraft may also be used for evacuation or deliveries


Corporate Aircrafts

A corporate aircraft is generally not available for public hire. This type of aircraft is used by companies for the business transport of passengers or goods.


Liabilities for ground operation

This aviation liability insurance covers ground operation damage caused to the aircraft

Why Invest In Aircraft Insurance

From Beema?

Beema offers a comprehensive range of coverage options according to your priorities and goals. Aviation Insurance is designed for many types of aviation risk with both personal and corporate aircraft coverage, as well as general liability for ground operations.


Presently, the following classes of aviation insurances are offered: