Damaan Islamic Insurance Company

Is a Qatari public shareholder company, established in 2009, based in Lusail City to operate by the Qatar Central Bank Under No. (13/2009) and a commercial registration number registered with the State of Qatar is (43652). Moreover, it offers a wide range of takaful insurance solutions to protect its clients from various risks.



To become the leading innovative Islamic insurance company committed to the highest standards of Sharia principles.



In addition to being a responsible Qatari corporation that regularly contributes to social causes, we aim to provide the most contemporary and innovative Sharia-compliant insurance solutions.

The founders of the company are

Our core values




As governed by the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, our company conducts its operation on the basis of co-operative insurance in accordance with Sharia Rules and Principles.


The company invests the policyholders’ funds as an advisor or a mudarib in return of a percentage of the profits resulting from these investments to be fixed annually by the Sharia’s Supervisory Board , the percentage has been changed to be (70%) instead of (60%) starting from 1/7/2023.

Accounts separation and Insurance Operations Surplus

Our company maintains a distinct and separate account for its policyholders.

This account is credited by the contributions paid by the policyholders as well as the returns of their investments. It is also debited by claims, reinsurance contributions, the necessary provisions and reserves and the wakala fee.

The surplus arrived at (if any) will be distributed in all or partially to the policyholders in proportion of the contribution paid by them in the manner decided by the Board of Directors and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board.

Liquidation of the company

In case of the liquidation of the company, all the funds accumulated in the policyholders’ accounts will be distributed to selected charities under the Sharia Supervisory Board’s supervision.