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Life insurance – generally – depends on an individual’s situation. However, if you are financially responsible for a person or more around you, you may find a life insurance policy to be a good investment.

Wondering Why Beema Is One Of The Best Life Insurance Companies In Qatar? Here’s The Answer.

Beema Provides You With Life Insurance in The Following Cases:

This policy is not transferable from one Insured to the other.

If the Insured leaves the country during the life insurance policy period and wishes to cancel the policy, then a refund on a pro-rata basis would be allowed subject to no claims.

This is a Sharia-compliant policy and a Takaful product.

It is an annual individual policy in which the insured pays premiums, and Beema provides full-year coverage.

In order to be insured a form has to be filled.

What Is Beema’s Life Insurance Policy? What Does It Cover? (Individual Takaful)

The Sum Assured in Beema Life Insurance Policy is QR 50,000 for Natural Death & QR 100,000 in case of death due to an accident. The disability compensation shall be as per the scale specified in the policy.

Any person from age 18 to 65 can be covered under Beema’s individual Insurance Policy

Failure to renew the Residence Permit for genuine reasons or if there is any dispute with the member’s sponsor would not affect or void the coverage provided under the life insurance policy.

Annual Contribution for this scheme is QR.120/-

Compensation in case of death of the Insured would be paid to the beneficiary named in the policy within 5 working days from submission of all the required documents and subject to providing evidence attested by local authorities at home country or home country’s Embassy in Doha.


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